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October 3, 2016


Jasper, Ind., October 3, 2016 – TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for over 20 years, announced today that they are launching a line of gardening tools called "Redneck Rosarian by DeWit" with the help of gardener Chris VanCleave and DeWit Garden Tools.  Mr. VanCleave is known to gardeners across the U.S. as "America's Favorite Rose Gardener" and DeWit Garden Tools has been producing hand-forged gardening tools for 115 years.

Chris VanCleave, also known as The Redneck Rosarian, has a vast number of devoted followers who tune in regularly to his blog (, follow him on Facebook and Twitter (@RedneckRosarian) and listen to his Rose Chat Podcast (  VanCleave's ever growing following has put him in the international gardening spotlight.  In 2014, Sietse & Derk DeWit, fifth generation garden tool makers from Holland, traveled 

"We met and discussed the possibilities.  I told them about a design idea I had for a scoop shovel that would aid gardeners in moving soils in raised beds and also with transplanting roses and other shrubs.  What resulted from those conversations is a scoop shovel with an inverted point.  Other tools in the line include an aerator fork used to help aerate the soil as well as making an excellent tool for breaking up clay soil.  A hand scoop, a trowel hand weeder and cultivator complete the line; all are hand-forged and carry a lifetime guarantee.  Gardeners want tools that are useful and well made.  DeWit Garden Tools provide both.  These are tools you'll pass down to the next generation of gardeners in your family.  They are built to last.  DeWit's commitment to quality and sustainability align with mine and makes me proud to be a part of the DeWit family" said VanCleave.

Redneck Rosarian by DeWit will be sold on and distributed to select Independent Garden Centers nationwide by TDI Brands.

To learn more about TDI Brands visit


May 9, 2016

Jamie Huffman

Jamie Huffman

TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for 20 years, announced today organizational changes to strengthen their sales team for the Tierra Garden and TDI Carts and Trunk Liners divisions in two key Midwest regions. These additions allow the company to provide more focused coverage and to better service customers nationwide.

Michael Gastineau

Michael Gastineau

Jamie Huffman has joined the TDI team and will be responsible for growth in a territory that includes Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. Huffman’s 20 years of sales experience and intimate familiarity with the gardening industry means he is well positioned to focus on and meet the needs of nurseries and garden centers in his territory, while contributing to growth for the company.

Michael Gastineau has also joined the team and his primary role will be to drive growth in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. Gastineau brings a proven track record from a 25-year career in sales and building relationships. Prior to representing TDI Brands, Gastineau has worked extensively in the apparel, gift, garden, and home décor industries.



mother earth living magazine selects dewit as must-have garden gear.

February 24, 2015

A Treasured trowel.

"A garden necessity, this forged trowel is made of Swedish Boron Steel and sustainably forested European Ash Wood.  It also has the Mother Earth Newsstamp of approval." See the full article.



January 22, 2014

Tierra Garden Division to Distribute Haxnicks Garden Care and Plant Protection Products in the US.

Jasper, Ind., January 22, 2014 – TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for over 17 years, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Haxnicks™, an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality and original garden care and plant protection products.

Under the terms of the agreement, TDI Brands will be the sole distributor of Haxnicks in the United States, making them the go-to supplier for U.S.-based Garden Centers, Nurseries, and online retailers. The Haxnicks Brand will become part of the Tierra® Garden Wholesale Division, which currently offers over 1500 gardening tools, accessories, and accents. Haxnicks will be added to the increasing list of exclusive Brands offered by the company, including DeWit Garden Tools, Peacock Plant Supports, Rostaing Gloves, Tierra Pro Tools, and Birds & Beyond, among others.

Haxnicks has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing garden care and plant protection products internationally for over 18 years. They are best known for their innovative and easy-to-use, ‘Grow Your Own’ products, allowing anyone to grow delicious home-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs whether or not they have a garden. Tierra Garden will offer Patio Planters™, Easy Tunnel™ Cloches, Victorian Bell™ Cloches, Original Soft-Ties™, Rootrainers™, Jute Sacks, Easy Fleece Jackets, Micromesh™ protection products, merchandising displays, and much more from Haxnicks’ current portfolio.

“With Haxnicks’ history of being passionate about innovation, design, and quality, it’s the perfect synergy with our Brand,” said Mike Bartley, General Manager of TDI Brands. “This agreement allows us to continue our mission of providing unique, distinctive, and timeless garden products and strengthens our position within the industry, making it easier for our customers to get the products they need to serve their gardening patrons.”

Damian Cardozo, Managing Director of Haxnicks, added “Haxnicks is delighted to be working with TDI brands, for whom we have great respect due to their exemplary reputation within the U.S. Garden Center Industry. Their entire team abound in positive energy and are a real pleasure to work with. We share their passion for cutting-edge design and we value their enthusiasm and drive to offer customers a first class service. We are proud to be represented by TDI Brands and look forward to bringing our ongoing new product development to expand the Haxnicks range in the U.S.’’

To learn more about Haxnicks, the products available, and where to purchase in the United States, visit


January 7, 2014

Exclusive DeWit Brand Supporting 13 Episodes

JASPER, Ind., January 7, 2014 – TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for over 17 years, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the GardenSMART television series, which airs weekly on over 400 PBS stations across the nation. Partnering with DeWit Garden Tools, an exclusive product line for TDI Brands in the United States, the company will support 13 episodes which begin airing in early 2014 and will continue into the Spring gardening season.

TDI Brands & GardenSmart TV.jpg

GardenSMART is a unique, exciting, and informative gardening program broadcast on local Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) throughout the United States. Hosted by Eric Johnson, an expert horticulturist, GardenSMART covers the country visiting beautiful public and private gardens while providing audiences with a wide range of practical, helpful advice.

Throughout the 13 episodes, DeWit Garden Tools will be a featured sponsor and will have a number of 15-second ads, articles in the monthly GardenSMART e-newsletter, “In The Dirt,” and links to further information positioned on their website.

“We are excited to support both GardenSMART TV and PBS with this endeavor,” said Mike Bartley, General Manager for TDI Brands. “Old-fashioned quality combined with innovative designs make DeWit the ultimate gardener’s choice, and with our exclusive lineup of over 125 tools to fit every garden task, it’s the perfect fit for GardenSMART’s audience.”

To learn more about DeWit Garden Tools and where to purchase in the United States, visit, while more information about GardenSMART can be found at Check your local TV listings to determine airing dates/times of GardenSMART on the PBS channel in your area.




December 5, 2013

New Space Provides Enhanced Buying Experience

JASPER, Ind., December 5, 2013 – TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for over 17 years, is pleased to announce its new, permanent showroom located in “The Gardens” at AmericasMart in Atlanta. Complete with merchandising displays, examples of store layouts, and a large collection of gardening accents and accessories, the new showroom located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta offers Garden Centers, Growers, and Gift Shops the opportunity to browse and select products to personalize options for their own retail stores.

The new space, mainly showcasing products from the Tierra Garden division, is positioned directly next to TDI Brands’ already established Stone Age Creations showroom. Between the two showrooms, the majority of products offered by TDI Brands and its divisions are on display, which provides customers with a one-stop, enhanced buying experience.

TDI Brands Opens New Atlanta Showroom.jpg

“We are excited to expand our presence in AmericasMart and even further in the Southeast Region,” said Mike Bartley, General Manager of TDI Brands. “Having our new, adjacent showrooms exemplifies our mission of making the overall buying process both accessible and enjoyable for our customers.”

With plenty of innovative and unique choices, the permanent showrooms give customers the opportunity to envision their own retail centers as they explore the latest designs in garden tools, accents, accessories, birding products, and hand-carved, real stone statuary. Visitors will appreciate seeing the products come to life, having a hands-on experience, and the ability to individualize their selections.

The Tierra Garden showroom is space 9-A-18, while Stone Age Creations is space 9-A-13. AmericasMart is open daily from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment to visit either or both showrooms, customers can call 404.220.2035 or visit for more information.




October 8, 2013

First Time in Company’s History Direct Sales Reps Hired

JASPER, Ind., October 8, 2013 – TDI Brands, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for over 17 years, announced today organizational changes to strengthen their sales team beyond independent reps and provide focused coverage across the United States.

Kevin Biro  Midwest Region Sales Manager

Kevin Biro

Midwest Region Sales Manager

Kevin Biro was named Midwest Regional Sales Manager, and will be responsible for growth in a territory that includes Western Pennsylvania, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana, Northern Illinois, and the entire state of Michigan. Biro has been with TDI Brands for over 4 years and has worked to increase sales for the company through independent sales representatives. In this new role, Biro’s 20 years of sales experience and intimate familiarity with the gardening industry means he is well positioned to focus on and meet the needs of garden centers in his territory, while contributing to growth for the company.

Chris Sexton was named Southeast Regional Sales Manager, and will be based out of Anderson, South Carolina. His primary role will be to drive growth in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Southern Virginia, as well as few select accounts in Georgia and Tennessee. Sexton brings a proven track record from a 15-year career in the gardening industry. Before joining TDI Brands, Sexton was a Product Manager for Package Concepts & Materials, Inc. Prior to that, he worked 14 years at Conrad Fafard, Inc. where he was the Southern Region Sales Manager and then the Consumer Products Marketing Manager.

Chris Sexton  Southeast Region Sales Manager

Chris Sexton

Southeast Region Sales Manager

With these additions, Mike Bartley, General Manager of TDI Brands, will assume responsibility of aligning both direct and independent sales representatives for the organization.

“We’ve made significant strides in building an effective sales force to represent all divisions of TDI Brands throughout the United States,” said Bartley. “Kevin and Chris are among the best of the best and clearly represent TDI Brands’ commitment to world-class service, developing relationships, and providing easier access to our products and programs. We are excited to have them leading our sales growth efforts in these regions of the country and welcome their industry knowledge, experience, and passion for growth.”





September 22, 2013

Company Positioned for Further Growth in the Garden Industry

tdi brands logo with TDI.jpg

JASPER, Ind., September 22, 2013 – Tierra-Derco International, a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry for over 17 years, announced today that the company will be doing business as TDI Brands. The name change becomes effective immediately, as the parent company positions itself for growth through three specialized business divisions: Stone Age Creations, Tierra Garden, and TDI Carts & Trunk Liners.

“The TDI Brands name reflects who we are today, and allows us to clearly define each of our divisions under one strategic company,” said TDI Brands President Charles Stenftenagel. “As our product offerings, our customers, and our industries continue to expand, each of our divisions will be better positioned to serve customers and strengthen relationships, all while gaining operational efficiencies through a unified parent company.”

TDI Brands has transformed its business over the past two years through acquisitions and license agreements, hiring key positions, and adding over 200 new products to their current offering. Today, the company offers exclusive gardening tools, accessories, and accents through Tierra Garden; has emerged as a manufacturing and distribution leader of natural stone products with Stone Age Creations; and provides the industry’s largest selection of shopping carts through TDI Carts & Trunk Liners. Defining the business divisions, along with the name change, will help customers better understand the breadth of products and services within TDI Brands.




January 25, 2013

Karen Mehringer  Home Shopping & National Accounts Manager

Karen Mehringer

Home Shopping & National Accounts Manager

JASPER, Ind., January 25, 2013 – Tierra-Derco International (TDI), a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry, has appointed two key management positions. Karen Mehringer has been named Home Shopping & National Accounts Manager, and Paula Schmidt has joined the company as Marketing & Customer Experience Manager.

In her newly created position, Mehringer will concentrate on developing and strengthening relationships with TDI’s home shopping and internet accounts. She will also exploring additional business opportunities by researching prospective areas of growth and gaining knowledge of the systems and processes unique to each company. 

Mehringer has been with TDI for 10 years and has held various roles during her career, including her most recent role as Marketing and Customer Experience Manager. Prior to TDI, she worked in sales, customer service, and management positions at Kimball Electronics, was an instrumental member of several implementation teams for upgrading operating systems, and held a key role in development and training of the ISO 9000 program.

Schmidt's focus will be to develop and implement marketing and sales strategies, oversee communications and service efforts, and provide industry outreach through various mediums including catalogs and brochures, website and social media campaigns, industry conferences and events, and ongoing branding promotion.

Prior to joining TDI, Schmidt was a creative catalyst and innovation strategist for Chicago-based Bamboo Worldwide. She spent over 10 years at Kimball International working as a Market Research Manager and, more recently, as the Director of Market Communications for Kimball Office. In her career, Schmidt has worked with a variety of Fortune 100 to 1000 companies to leverage innovation, branding, and customer connections in a full range of industries.

Paula Schmidt  Marketing & Customer Experience Manager

Paula Schmidt

Marketing & Customer Experience Manager

“As TDI continues to expand and grow, we have recognized the need for more focus and leadership in specific areas of our business. Karen has a wealth of knowledge and experience in regards to TDI products and the customers we serve. She is the right person to take on this challenge to expand growth opportunities and build relationships in the home shopping segment of the market,” stated Mike Bartley, General Manager of TDI. “Paula’s background in customer experience, branding, and communications provides us with the tools necessary to further strengthen our position in the garden center industry. With the recent acquisition of Stone Age Creations, our products and services are expanding to meet ever-changing needs, and Paula’s experience will add invaluable insight into developing strategies and creating a cohesive portfolio that complements the gardening community,” added Bartley.

“I am thrilled about moving into this new role. There are tremendous opportunities in the home shopping channel, and I am anxious to use my product and customer knowledge to grow and build this sector of our business,” Mehringer commented.

“Exciting transformations are taking place at Tierra-Derco and the garden center industry is taking notice. I’m eager to apply my experience and knowledge to support TDI’s mission of providing relevant solutions, forging new relationships, and continuing to build awareness of our brands,” said Schmidt.






January 17, 2013

JASPER, Ind., January 7, 2013 -- Tierra-Derco International, LLC has acquired the assets of Stone Age Creations, LTD. TDI is a forerunner in supplying innovative products to the garden center industry. This acquisition strengthens TDI’s market position and will enhance the company’s future growth opportunities.

Stone Age Creations_All Black.png

Stone Age Creations is located in New London, Ohio, and has a well-established business with impressive growth since its startup in 2002. Stone Age Creations offers hand-carved, natural stone statuary and will continue to operate from its New London, OH facility. Company founder, Heath White, will retain managerial responsibilities within the Stone Age Creations division of TDI. The change will be transparent to SAC’s customers and vendors.

The purchase of Stone Age Creations fits TDI’s strategic growth plan and is an excellent addition to the established flagship product lines sold by TDI.

Our acquisition of Stone Age Creations complements our overall offering so we can now provide yet another top quality product to our customers. The combining of these businesses positions us very well in our industry,” said Mike Bartley, General Manager of TDI.

Owners Charles Stenftenagel and Gabe Coderre have been searching for attractive business opportunities to expand sales and utilize its infrastructure.





October 2, 2012

Mike Bartley_TDI General Manager.jpg

JASPER, Ind., October 2, 2012 – TDI is proud to announce and welcome Mike Bartley as the Company’s new General Manager. Bartley comes to TDI from MasterBrand Cabinets, where he spent 22 years and held various leadership positions within Cost Management and Supply Chain/Operations Finance. Most recently, he was a Divisional Controller for MasterBrand’s Martha Stewart Living product line. Charles Stenftenagel, President of TDI, said, “We are thrilled to have Mike as part of the TDI team. We were looking for someone with a strong financial background to lead our company through planned growth and future acquisitions. Mike was looking for an opportunity to become a key player in managing the growth of a smaller company. We feel this is a great fit for both Mike and TDI.”

As a Divisional Controller at MasterBrand Cabinets, Bartley most recently was responsible for financial leadership over a new product line with Martha Stewart Living. He also has led the Stock Division Operations Finance team, which included 4 manufacturing facilities throughout the US. He spent a majority of his career at MasterBrand leading the Corporate Cost Accounting team and was heavily involved as the finance lead for Product Management and Supply Chain. MasterBrand is the #1 kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer in North America. Bartley stated, “I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Charles, Gabe, and the entire TDI team. Having spent a majority of my career with a multi-billion dollar business such as MasterBrand, I feel I have much to offer and bring to a smaller company in terms of policy, procedure, and process. The future looks bright at TDI, and I have a great passion to continue to build the team and manage the future growth of our company.”